Posted June 18, 2019

Lydia Ricci: Come Talk To Me
Opening Reception: July 11, 6pm-9pm
Weekdays: July 8 - August 1, 11am-5pm 
Huddle. 338 Brown Street, Philadelphia, PA



For four weeks in July, the sculptor will transform Huddle gallery into an open studio, coffee klatch, and break room.

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Do you have an oddly specific memory about sitting in the “back-back” of your parents’ station wagon? Or spending hours by the radio making mixtapes for an unrequited love? If so, Lydia Ricci wants to hear it. During weekdays from July 8 to August 1, the artist will be cutting, pasting, collaging, and reminiscing from Huddle gallery in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood, and visitors are invited to see recent sculptures, watch the artist-at-work, chat over a cup of coffee, practice an instrument, or even work on a crossword puzzle.

“This isn’t about you coming to watch me work,” says Ricci.
It’s about me wanting to be around you while you work. Come talk to me.”

Ricci is best known for her small sculptures of everyday objects made from the detritus of everyday life - old receipts, broken paperclips, and the backside of almost anything. Seeing these familiar objects at unfamiliar scales evokes a sense of nostalgia and often inspires viewers to share specific memories that reveal universal experiences. For “Come Talk To Me,” Ricci expands on this idea of the shared experience by inviting guests to pull up a chair and literally share their experiences — and the artist will share her own, along with some of the stories behind her tiny tributes to times past. 

The exhibition also includes recent sculptures alongside photographic excerpts of the stop-motion animations Ricci often uses to give her work context and bring it to life. By revealing her process and showing animation stills alongside finished pieces, Come Talk to Me offers visitors the chance to see how a work’s message can shift with its medium. But more importantly, it invites them to be a part of a community.

Lydia Ricci’s sculptures are informal and imperfect—like our memories—and this event has been designed in that spirit. It’s not a workshop. It’s not a performance. It’s just a chance to talk, to connect, and to inspire one another.

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About Lydia Ricci

Lydia Ricci has a messy desk and a clean desk — one for her work as an artist, and one for her practice as a graphic designer. But she’ll never tell which is which. Currently, she spends most of her time making tiny sculptures of everyday objects “from scraps” of daily existence. Her fragmentary 3-D collages, which evoke sense of wonder and hazy nostalgia, have been widely published and exhibited at galleries in New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Her short film inspired by this work, Don’t You Forget About Me, was included in the 2019 San Francisco Film Fest. When she’s not creating vintage typewriters from cereal box lids and floppy disks, Lydia teaches courses in branding, design, and storytelling at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. 

Lydia is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, and has also studied in St Gallen, Switzerland and Cortona, Italy. She lives outside Philadelphia. 

About Huddle

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